Saturday, April 24, 2010

Empty Steets

My friend just came back from the UK and bought me back two top hat headbands! She knows me too well.

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The hats were crushed on her way back from the UK. When I got them they were completely flat but I've pushed them back into place. Though the top of the hat sinks a bit but not anything anyone would notice, I hope :). These really remind me of Alice in Wonderland!

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Not a very good photo of the hat but you get the idea. It's so cute! I didn't want to take it off even though I was just bumming around at home all day!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! xx


  1. It looks gorgeous on you :) LOVE your hair


  2. Those hats are adorable :) I love the netting and the flower :D

  3. aahw those hats are so cute<3
    your hair is so looong, beautiful=]

  4. You're so gorgeous love <3. If it's not too personal, what nationality are you?

  5. nice hats!looks good on you...
    I had one with crystals but no chance to wear them...

    JN from The Fac Couture