Saturday, June 19, 2010

Update Through Photos

Exams are over! I just got updated on reading all the blogs I'm following. Best 2-3 hours ever spent. Well, the best spent in the past 2 weeks. There hasn't been much going on with my life really. I wish I had something worthwhile to blog about. All I have done for the past few months is go to school, do my homework and spend time with friends some weekends.

Here are some new and different things that have happened in the past month or so, just to make this blog post not so bland and boring.

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I painted this...
MY first attempt at using watercolor paints. I'm really happy with it even though my teacher said there are countless mistakes. My teacher doesn't accept "it's meant to look like that". Isn't that what art IS?!

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Smelt like this...
Couture Couture by Juicy Couture. Call me weird but the only reason I like this is because it reminds me of grass jelly!

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Did a few of these...
Probably the best things in my life.

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Used a bit of this...
IQQU Acne Serum, Rice Scrub and Advanced Sunscreen. They're average products. Definitely not worth the price.

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Instead of writing it down I took a photo of this...
I got a bit lazy...I can predict this will become a terrible habit.

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I wore my hair like this...
Two plaits merged into one! Not very impressive, I know.

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I played this...
A result of peer pressure, lucky I only got water.

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Received this...
New look haul. I might do a detailed post of the contents of the package if anyone wants to see it?

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and this...

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I wore this...
I got the blazer from eBay. I love it in ways I can not describe.

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And I drank A LOT of this...
I've had this at least twice a week for the past 2 months or so. It really does take it's toll on my purse.

There are so many more photos but I don't want to spam a bunch of them into one post. So I'll do another one of these in the near future.

Hope you're all well!


  1. you are so beautiful ^^ i love your hair ! =3. im following you :)

  2. If there was ever an ordinary high school student who resembled the likes of Misa Campo, YOU MUST ARE HER. LOL @_@. CAN I HAS AUTOGRAPH? Haha jokes.

    Now this is more like it, a 'down to earth/everyday life' kind of blog I like to read! Not like those extreme girly fashion ones :c

    Followed! Oooh snap 33rd follower, looks like we now have some competition! Should I NOT follow so that you only have 32 followers? HAHA kidding. It's not a popularity contest, I get it! == I'm lame.

  3. ** you must BE her.

    Soz, fkn fob right here.

  4. @♥ 熊貓girl ♥
    Thank you sweetie! I followed you back :D

    @Ian K
    Hahah I was just thinking, how did a fobby Asian guy find a blog like mine? =P

    You're funny =). Oh how I wish I looked like her! She's soooo GOOD.

    Followed you back :):)

  5. Bahaha, thanks for following! Appreciate ittttt :)
    Keep the updates coming!

    PS: What's your mix of ethnicities? I'm curious!

  6. wwwahh, you're pretty ^^! and I really like the blazerrrrrr =D !!! lol everybody is saying that the IQQU products are just average xD aint going to buy it now xD

    and I followed you ^____^ !!

  7. I'm so jealous of your hair! If you don't mind me asking, is it all real or do you have extensions *o* you're so pretty!

  8. @Ian K
    I'm full Vietnamese :)

    The Advanced Sunscreen is the best from the line but even that isn't that great :\ Thank you for following! =)

    My hair is real, took three years to grow it to the length it is now. I'm getting it cut very soon though! And thank you for following! Followed back :)

  9. *followed* wooooah you're so pretty :o aww why are you getting it cut! It looks so good though :(

  10. PLEASE don't cut your hair!! OMGosh its so lovely!!!

    I thought you were mixed too! But didn't know you are full Vietnamese =]
    You have good gene!

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  12. you are stunning!

  13. you've got really nice hair! how you do your hair? =o